Rev. Charles W. Grant

Some people are not as fortunate or as blessed as I have been. The Lord blessed me with good friends, good co-workers, and with a job on which its major focus is helping those that are less fortunate than I.  I am very committed to doing everything possible to assist people who are in dire straits and in the process of developing skills so they will eventually be able to sustain themselves.

Clayton County CSA has always worked diligently to offer services that will benefit eligible community residents, the elderly and disabled citizens. The primary focus of community action is “Helping people to help themselves.”  Some of the programs the agency operates are Community Support (case management, emergency assistance with rent/mortgage, utilities, food pantry, etc.), Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), Weatherization, Head Start, Transportation, and other special projects and activities.

I would be remiss if I did not give a very special thank you to the staff, Board of Directors, community volunteers/partners, and other interested parties who have supported Clayton County CSA, Inc. over the past forty-eight years.  To see community action agencies assist people who are disadvantaged to become involved in programs, major projects and activities has been refreshing.  It addresses that old saying that “this is just another give-away agency;”  This agency does give-away in the sense that we provide people with the opportunities, skills and resources that are needed in today’s Job market.


Rev. Charles W. Grant

Executive Director