Weatherization is the process by which targeted measures are performed on a home that has a direct result on reducing energy bills. There are four areas in which these measures are accomplished.

1. Air Infiltration Reduction This procedure targets the leaky area of the home where the most energy is lost.

2. Weatherization This procedure targets the leaky areas where energy is lost around doors, floors, windows, the attic, and crawlspaces.

3. Energy Counseling This activity provides counseling to homeowners to inform them how to practice energy conservation on a daily basis. Health and safety hazards are also part of the client’s education, additionally, the homes are diagnostically checked for the presence of carbon monoxide.

4. Blower Door Test This activity uses a diagnostic tool to measure and calibrate the major energy leak sites in a home.

After the test is completed, the staff uses the “N.E.A.T.” audit to determine the extent of Weatherization work to be done on the home.

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Weatherization services are provided to seniors, low-income families and individuals who are handicap and qualify for the Federal Poverty Income Guidelines. These services are available to residents of Clayton, Henry, and Fayette Counties.