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Invitation for Bid  - Audit


The Clayton County Community Services Authority, Inc. is in the process of seeking bids for the performance of its single agency wide audit per the policy of the Agency and in accordance with Part 200 — Uniform Administrative Requirements Cost Principles and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards, and Georgia Law covering non-profit organizations (Uniform Guidance). Such audit services must comply with specifications and regulations stipulated in the audit guides provided by each funding entity.


Clayton County Community Services Authority, Inc. is a private, non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization charged with the responsibility of developing, implementing and delivering social and human services through programs, projects and activities that are financed in whole or in part by federal, state and local funds. These funds are made available to the authority in the form of grants, local match or in-kind donations. Our annual budget is approximately seventeen million per year and we employ approximately 140 people in 7 locations. Our main program is Head Start and Early Head Start. Our main sources of income are federal, state, and county funding.


Please email Mr. Keith Williams at kwilliams@claytoncountycsa.org to receive the proposal instructions and Fiscal Year Ending 2020 Schedule of Expenditures of Federal Awards - SEFA which shows the major programs subject to audits.


Clayton County Community Service Authority, Inc. (CCCSA, Inc.) is a non-profit organization that operates/administers the weatherization program to qualified residents in Clayton, Henry and Fayette counties funded by the Department of Energy and other funding sources through the Georgia Environmental Finance Authority. Invitation to Bid is being accepted for: 

Qualified Weatherization and HVAC Contractors to weatherize homes in Clayton, Henry and Fayette Counties. Five (5) most reasonable, responsible, responsive and qualified bidders will be chosen.  Read More....


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