CSA understands that you are counting on us to provide much needed services such as utilities assistance. We as an agency are implementing the following policies and procedures to accommodate as many clients as possible while funding is available.

  • Proper verification is required
  • We will accept applications every Thursday until further notice utilizing drop off services only
  • You will not be given an appointment today
  • If you are eligible for assistance a Case Manager will process your application and provide additional information once approved
  • If you are ineligible, a letter of denial will be sent to you in the mail

Get Help With Your Water Bill - CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE 

Clayton County Community Service Authority, Inc. remains committed and dedicated to residents of Clayton, Fayette and Henry, counties amid the COVID-19 concerns and crisis at hand. As an agency our number one goal is to provide service as needed and available to all residences of these counties. The ultimate goal is to stand in the gap during this time of uncertainty we are all facing.

The following are the steps to take in applying for assistance with the Community Support Program:

  • Fill out the application completely and accurately, provide information about everyone in your household. The information provided will serve as a screener to determine eligibility.
  • Please provide detailed income information for all household members
  • Please provide all sources of Income-Income sources include earned incomereceived from wages, salaries, commissions and unearned income.Unearned income includes unemployment and worker’scompensation
  • A copy of current water bill
  • Social Security Cards for all household members
  • All pages of Lease Agreement or Mortgage Statement
  • ID for all household members 18 years and older  

Make sure all documents requested are included with the application submitted. Copies CANNOT be made in our office due to current health crisis at hand. Again, please provide copies of all requested information for drop-off services ONLY every Tuesday and Thursday from 10:00 am till 1:30 pm.

Home Energy Assistance (LIHEAP) - Opens November 1, 2022

Seniors and homebound recipients are the only applications received for the month of November. 

* General Public opens on December 1, 2022*  

Since its inception in 1981, the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program has offered short-term help to families all over the United States. Clayton County Community Services Authority is proud to participate in this successful program and to be able to help families in our community get help with energy assistance when they need it most. Households in which every member is over the age of 65 or verifiably homebound are a priority, and may contact the designated site by telephone starting on the first business day in November of each year.

  • Other income eligible households can make appointments beginning on the first business day of December, if funds remain. At a minimum, you will need the following items to verify eligibility for this type of assistance
  • Verification of age for every person living in the household (November only)
  • Verification of income for every person living in the home
  • Social Security cards for every person living in the house hold
  • A recent heating bill with the service address and account number printed on it apply below


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