Currently Closed Until October, Please check back for Updates!

CSA Rental Assistance Program is now open and accepting a limited number of applications each week. CSA provides financial assistance to clients that pose an imminent need to meet emergency financial obligations within the scope of funding guidelines. CSA provides financial assistance for up to 2 months to individuals and families facing financial hardship due to unforeseen circumstances such as: *UNEMPLOYMENT, *REDUCTION OF INCOME, *DOCUMENTED ILLNESS, and other proven hardship outlined in program guidelines. CSA's primary goal is to assist clients we serve to overcome their temporary hardship so they could become self-sufficient with the resources and wrap around services we provide.  

Learn more about program requirements and apply today! Once you are ready to apply make sure you follow all the steps listed below to comply with the program's required documents. You will be contacted via email or phone when your application has been received, reviewed, and currently in process. Please note processing can take up to 30 days to complete. Clients must provide all documents and complete a Money Management Course before funds can be disbursed.

Program Requirements

Housing assistance is available to Clayton and Fayette County residents.

****  We do NOT provide housing assistance to Henry County residents at this time. ****

Document Request

Please provide the following documents for further processing of your application. Also, make sure you send all required documents ALL AT ONCE USING ONE EMAIL to avoid a delay in processing of your file. A Case Manager will follow up within 72 hours if any additional information is required.


  1. Social Security Cards for all household members
  2. Income -Copy of last 30 days of pay all sources of income -Most Recent
  3. Late Notice
  4. All pages of Lease Agreement/ Welcome Letter
  5. Notice denoting change in income
  6. Proof of hardship- (unemployment,  car repairs bill, medication receipt, funeral program as well as receipt, anything pertaining to your hardship
  7. ID for all household members 18 years and older

Please, make sure all items requested are all sent within one email for processing. Use the list above as a checklist to ensure all documents are submitted.  Application processing may take up to 30 days.  Given the pandemic protocol, volume of applications, and staff available, a status update cannot be provided until a final decision has been reached.


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