Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program is a federally funded program that assists high-energy burdened, low-income households with the costs of heating and cooling their homes. LIHEAP helps clients stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer through the Home Energy and Crisis Energy Assistance Program. Home energy funds are provided once per calendar year and are based on the client’s gross income and household size. Priority target groups include: age 60 or over, and/or persons with a disability, and/or at least with one child under 5 (five) in the home.

Clients must meet household income guidelines and earn no more than 200% of the federal poverty level. Clients can receive a payment on their utility account ranging from $350-$500. Crisis funding is determined when a client is in danger of having their utility service terminated due to unforeseen circumstances. A payment is provided from the same amount of $350-500. CSA provides LIHEAP services in Fayette, Henry and Clayton Counties.



(Low Income Heating Assistance Program)

AS OF JUNE 20, 2022






LIHEAP cooling season

 Please Note: LIHEAP Cooling Now open to the general public 

Application Process



Please Make a virtual appointment and drop off your documents at the appointed time. YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE A PHONE CALL

NOTE - Homebound individuals (confined to their home, under regular therapeutic, psychosocial or medical treatment – DO NOT MAKE AN APPOINTMENT - email us directly LIHEAP@claytoncountycsa.org

Due to the ongoing threat of COVID-19, all appointments and services are virtual. Meaning we are giving you an appointed time to drop your documents off. click here for more COVID 19 Information.

After you make an appointment please drop off your documents at 1000 Main Street, Forest Park, Georgia 30297

  • Gather the current gas AND electricity bill (less than 30 days old) and a copy of the ID’s, income documents, and Social Security Cards for all members of the household ages 18+.

o   All documents should be in a sealed envelope with your name and phone number on the outside. If you are applying for rental assistance or water assistance, please place these documents in separate envelope.

  • Drop the documents off on To a staff member Monday through Friday between 9 am and 4 pm, or you may drop them in the drop box 24 hours a day at 1000 Main Street Forest Park Ga. 30297.

YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE A PHONE CALL, Drop your documents off

All applicants will receive an email once the application documents have been logged. YOU WILL ONLY RECEIVE A CALL IF THERE IS AN ISSUE WITH YOUR DOCUMENTS.

Processing time may take up to 30 days. Receipt of your documents denotes permission to process and certify documents on your behalf.

Documentation can be mailed to, or dropped off (24 hour drop-box, or in person DROP OFF ONLY on Monday through Friday from 9 am to 4 pm) at 1000 Main Street, Forest Park GA 30297.

If your service has been disconnected make your appointment and then send an email to LIHEAP@claytoncountycsa.org or commsupp@claytoncountycsa.org

 If your service has been disconnected or you have a disconnect notice, please come into the Main Street office during work hours, or write “Disconnect Notice” on the envelope containing your documents.


OR Drop off your documents Monday through Friday 9 am to 4 pm or place them in the drop-box 24 hours a day. YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE A PHONE CALL

*REQUIRED Documents

(no exceptions) 

  • Valid State Driver’s License/State or Federal ID Document for Applicant
  • Original Social Security Cards for ALL household members
  • Most Current GAS AND Electricity bill (must be dated within the last 30 days)
  • Household INCOME - must denote Current Gross Income for the last 30 days for ALL members 18 years of age or older


Examples of Last 30 Day Income Documents

Weekly Check Stubs - Last 4

Bi-Weekly Stubs - Last 2 (may be 3)

Semi-Monthly Stubs - Last 2

Monthly Pay Check Stub – Last 1

Social Security Award Letter

Child Support


Veterans Pay

Self-Employment or Unemployment Benefit

Zero Income Declaration

Public Assistance - Helpful Links


Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), commonly known as welfare, is the monthly cash assistance program for poor families with children under age 18.

Cooperation with Department of Human Services Division of Child Support Services is a requirement of receiving TANF benefits.

Food Stamps

The Georgia Food Stamp program provides monthly benefits to low-income households to help pay for the cost of food.A household may be one person living alone, a family, or several, unrelated individuals living together who routinely purchase and prepare meals together. Anyone may apply for food stamp benefits. The program helps households that have limited income and resources.


Medicaid is a program that provides health care services to individuals that meet the requirements for income, resources andcitizenship.

Individuals may apply for Medicaid at any local Georgia Department of Human Services DFCS office, by mail, telephone,fax, e-mail, or at designated agencies.


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